Bournemouth 2-2 Manchester United: Picking up the issues

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Bournemouth 2-2 Manchester United: Picking up the issues after the Premier League game, the Red Devils invaded and grabbed 1 point.

  • Manchester United nearly escaped with a 2-2 draw with Bournemouth.
  • Bruno Fernandes scored two goals to help his team narrowly escape death.
  • The Red Devils continued to play below standard with the home team almost folding the field.

Manchester United returns to form

It’s already normal for Manchester United’s form. After holding on to a thrilling draw with Liverpool last week. Coming to this Saturday’s game. They did not disappoint the football fans with their performance, going out sea. To catch fish again by being attack by Bournemouth in a way that made you wonder which team. It definitely a big team. It said that it was fortunate.

That the Bournemouth offensive line did not shoot sharply with the few opportunities. They had and were lucky to be second with two goals that came from pure luck, including Zabarnyi’s missed tackle. Coming into Bruno’s way, he shot another close shot and a penalty where the ball ricocheted and hit the outstretched arm of a local player until he survived and eventually got a point back.

Defender in serious condition

Today, rising youngster Willy Kambwala. Whom the Red Devils’ fans praise in the previous match for his excellent performance against Liverpool. Has become a completely different person after being attacked and attacked so hard that he lost his position on many occasions. Both times being tricked by Solanke after breaking into the first shot. Missed blocking where the ball went through the legs into the goal for the second time. Along with nearly giving up a penalty at the end of the game.

That was ultimately saved by VAR, it was just a free kick on the edge of the penalty area instead. But the younger sibling cannot be blamed ยูฟ่าเบท alone because the older siblings themselves could hardly help support the younger sibling at all, including Harry Maguire. Who today was completely quiet and had some moments of reckless decision-making, as well as Dalot. Who was also affect. The speed of the home team’s offensive line was equally difficult, while Wan Bissaka’s work on the left side alone was tight. Therefore, I can tell you that if you still don’t adjust the way you play defensively, you will definitely face any team in this situation.

Rashford, let’s go.

We know that Red Devil fans themselves probably stopped expecting this guy a long time ago from his recent performance. This game is a good guarantee of the uselessness of the role of playing on the field with 11 people clearly because the game cannot create any opportunities, easily loses the ball, shoots birds, fishes, complete striker formula. The joker you should have Which I can tell you that if Paris Saint-Germain contacts me again and quickly sells it for 50 million, I can take it without having to hold back.

Don’t go, Champions League.

The draw in this game made the Red Devils fall to 7th place in the table after the game, 10 points away from the top four zones, with 6 games remaining in the team’s hands, even in theory. Still possible But in practice, if you can still play like this, I can tell you that it’s difficult. Even if there is a chance, in this situation, going to play in a big cup would be a disgrace to him. It’s like going to let him play for sure. Going down to play in a small cup and slapping the child to gain confidence would make more sense.